Women's Queen Of Hearts Deluxe Costume

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Hearts of the MatterWe know, we know, heart patterns and prints were really in style a few years ago

And we do get it, sometimes it rsquo s hard to move from a style you went all in on

But in addition to that comes a full-length white petticoat and a sequin heart crown that shows everyone your realm of rule

But we have an idea for you you take down your heart shaped mirror, remove your heart patterned bedsheets, and donate most not all of your heart sweaters, and we will get this amazing Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume to you ASAP!Seriously, it does all the same work as your heart-covered living space, but in a less obvious way

Feel free to accessorize with a magnificent staff or elegant cane to swing at any unruly subjects.A Good QueenJust remember that as a Queen of Hearts, you are a kind and good leader

Gone are the days of chasing a trend mdash your rule is forever! You don rsquo t have to be like that fictional Queen of Hearts, you know, the one with all the head removal and such

It features a red crushed velvet skirt, gathered black satin overlay, puffed shoulders with elegant gold trim, and checkered, striped, and heart patterned details

It was almost overwhelming

Oh and maybe cut back just a little on all the other heart-themed things in your place, no one likes a show off

Rule, instead, with your heart see what we did there

To complete the look is an adjustable choker with a red, shiny inset

We saw heart patterns on sweaters and knits, printed on bathroom wallpapers, and we certainly didn rsquo t have any trouble seeing heart-shaped bows on ballet flats or clipped to the hair of every little kid running through the park

When you throw this loveable look on, everyone will see the style you own mdash they rsquo ll name you Queen of the Hearths, and no one will dethrone you from that position!Fun DetailsThis costume is more than just a gorgeous gown, it rsquo s a complete look